The Blue Mountains Tool Library, is a dynamic and agile playground for makers, artists and the wider community to access tools and equipment for any project they want to undertake.

At the Blue Mountains Tool Library, anyone with a membership can sign-out tools for both their home and community initiatives. Whether you are hanging a picture or protecting your home from fire, the Blue Mountains Tool Library offers a range of equipment for your project as a low-cost, resource sharing and space-saving alternative to purchasing and owning tools. We also offer concession membership and membership for businesses.

A Tool Library loans specialised tools to community members with all skill levels welcomed. Local tool libraries reduce the costs of improving and greening neighbourhoods, thereby transforming homes and community spaces into vibrant places that reflect  a commitment to sustainability and environmental concern.

Benefits of a Resource Centre and Tool Library:

  • Provides access to specialised tools where ownership of the tool is cost prohibitive
  • Wide range of tools available including Power Generators, Construction & Renovation
  • Gardening & Landscaping, Painting & Drywall, Electrical Tools and more!
  • Operates on a non-profit basis and funds itself after the initial investment through membership fees / late fees / donations
  • Helps reduce environmental waste and clutter in the home
  • Provides home building workshops and training so users can improve their skills

Proposed to open in mid-late 2016, the Blue Mountains Tool Library will initially operate from several tool cupboards and be looking to partner with organisations who could benefit from housing a Tool Library. We envision libraries in several precincts in the mountains.

Risk Management

The Blue Mountains Resource Centre and Tool Library will offer it’s services to members who will be required to sign waivers and accept resposibility for the use of any equipment in their use.

Our Plan

We are currently consulting with community and preparing the steering committee to launch the centre. Check out our VISION page for our business plan.